Morning Sex

Morning Sex Is The Best Sex Of The Day.. The alarm clock went off at 5 am just like every other morning. This, however, was no ordinary morning. As I open my eyes I see him laying there next to me sound asleep still. The alarm hadn’t woke him in the least. I look him up and down and there it was staring back at me. He had the biggest morning wood I think I’ve ever seen. Morning wood equals morning sex! I was trying to think of his name but, I couldn’t get his big dick out of my head though.  

I Had To Put It In My Mouth

I had to put it in my mouth so I got on my knees and bent over just licking the head at first. This woke him up so fast, he loved it! I tried to get the whole thing balls deep in my mouth but, it just wouldn’t fit. I kept gagging and so much slobber was rolling out of my mouth onto his dick. I love a challenge so I just kept sucking and sucking until finally I got it all! I raised up in victory and told him to give me the morning sex I woke up craving.  

He Climbed On Top

He climbed on top of me and put my feet on his shoulders so he could get deeper and deeper. I had to feel it all.. We fucked like that for a few minutes then he pinned my feet behind my head and stuck that big dick in my ass. It was still sore from the night before but, I didn’t give a fuck it felt so good. He was playing wi!th my clit and finger fucking my pussy at the same time and it didn’t take long before I exploded and squirted all over him.  

He Came So Hard 

He came so hard right after I did that. Telling me to say this was his pussy. I of course said it, but he wanted to hear his name and I hadn’t thought of it yet so I pretended not to hear him say that part. He looked me in the eye so serious and finally said “Tell me this is MY pussy bitch. I want you to say this is all yours Jimmy!” Thank Goodness!! His name was Jimmy and Jimmy had just gave me some good ass morning sex. I won’t ever forget his name again!



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