When Saint Sex Magics Writes a Poem

This is an original poem written by yours truly, Saint Sex Magics. I'll write the poem and then explain why I'm writing it. 


I am Prince of the Myths you see, behold. 

I am the White Fire that splits the Ocean's Sea. 

I am the glitch in the static touch at your lips. 

I am the Black, the freelance shadow. 

I, the embodiment of your cold tasty treats. 

I am the climax of these rising fields. 

I am the eye-opener of a sewn flesh. 

I am the sinner in the stories unforetold. 

I am to be which makes my heartbeat echo. 

I am the snake of colors untethered. 

Am I the hollow apologies you berate or no. 

I am the lover of My Will but so long ago. 


The reason I'm writing this is to show I have a way with words. I'm a total Sub to divine sexual forces that I create myself. I can train you how to do this too. Especially if you're a guy who's really trying to get in touch with his feminine side, but really doesn't know how to safely do it and would rather have it set in place in a more instinctive level. I'm also an INFJ. If you don't know what that is, it's not hard to look it up. People are obsessed with us as they typically are with rare gems. SextNation will be a good fit for an incubus like me. I also like the fact it's new. "New like 2022". I will enjoy our chats and you will too. 

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