The Pro's and Con's of SEXT


I'm not new to phone sex. I might be new to the sextnation site, but I've been around the block at niteflirt and places like that before.

However, sexting? Yeah, this is new territory for me. Just like it is for some of my guys.

Maybe I'm too "green" to get too deep into this subject, but I'll discuss the pros and cons I noticed about sexting thus far.

And as I find new information, I'll blog about it. But for now, here we go!


  • Guys can send unsolicited dick pics, and no one gets mad
  • Story mode, RPG Style fantasies are a bit more comfortable and less awkward via text
  • Getting an unexpected sexy text is like a tasty treat during your day
  • You can do it virtually ANYWHERE, at home, at work, while you're waiting in line at the bank. It's fun and easy to send a quick text.
  • You can add all kinds of emojis, pictures, and gifs to your sext play to spice it up
  • No one can eavesdrop on Sext.
  • You have a written record of your sexts, and you can read it, over and over again whenever you want. Some phone sex companies do offer the ability to pay for a recording of a phone sex session you paid for, but for the most part, sext alone gives you that option.


  • Sext is not good if you are hot and heavy and ready to go NOW. It can take hours before you get a response. If you're ready to cum right now, then you're probably better off with a call.
  • It's easy for both parties to get totally distracted during sext
  • Sexting is kind of the wild wild west of adult entertainment. It's all so new. That being the case, us sext artist don't have much resource to help teach us how to do our jobs better. We ARE the resources! We're the ones learning and can impart what we learn to others, but for now we're pretty much learning as we go, which means we're liable to make mistakes 

So yeah, my first week on the job, and this is what i've learned about sexting. I really like it though, since I like writing anyway and I like being able to exchange pics and naughty text no matter where I am. I'm enjoying this new field and hope I can rock it well :)


Call or SEXT me: ~Mistress Pink~

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